Digital or Litho Printing?

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Digital Printing (Short Run Colour Printing)

The digital printing process is very quick and easy to set up. If you’re in sheffield, your local digital printer in sheffield should be able to do your printing next day. The standard file to print from is a PDF (See Adobe portable document format), but basically any type of file can be printed in much the same way as in your office, but with far superior results. So with digital printing you can print smaller quantities very quickly (often on the same day) without a paying a fortune – prices start from about £25. So if you want to attack your market quickly, this is what you want – it can be a very cost effective marketing solution.
With the latest technology digital printing can also introduce personalised marketing solutions, using variable data printing (mail merge with pictures); there is no limit to the possibilities for your new or existing literature. Digital printing can personalise your whole marketing campaign. You no longer need to print 1000’s of leaflets. If you know who you want to target it is a great way to get your message across. It can help save the planet as well by using less resources including paper.
Digital Print advantages:
Short Runs (great for business card printing)
Cost Effective with Flexible Fast Turnarounds
Personalise Each Sheet Of Print
High Quality Printing
Litho Printing
Litho printing has been the industry standard printing process for many years due to it’s quality, efficiency and the low cost for high volume. The main advantage of litho print is for very high quality long print runs – a great mass marketing tool. If you want to spread your net a long way this is for you and it can work out very competitive.
It is a more complicated process than digital printing, hence the set up costs tend to be a lot more. In the past few years Printing Plates have been made with a Platesetter and loaded straight onto a printing Press. Then the ink from the plate is transferred to a rubber blanket, and from that blanket onto paper. This is done using the fundamental concept that water and oil do not mix.
Litho Printing advantages:
Cost Effective for Long Runs
Very High Quality Printing
Extremely Accurate Colour Reproduction
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