Hard Backed Membership Cards

Hardback membership cards are hard wearing, linen coated cards, with a gold foil front, detailing your club (just substitute Hardback details on photo). The minimum order for these is 50, but we can do thousands and the more you buy the cheaper per item they become. We have recently started production of these after “Perkins of Nuneaton” went into retirement.

Popular colours for membership cards include: RED, BLUE, LIGHT BLUE, GREEN, LIGHT GREEN, BLACK, MAROON

  • Long lasting and hard wearing
  • Gold blocked on front with your details
  • Fits into standard wallets and plastic pockets
  • Life Membership
  • 10 Year Membership
  • 5 Year Membership
  • Personalised Membership Details

Hardback membership cards do take a little longer than usual, because a lot goes into their production, including foil blocking which is a traditional method of printing. Our next day or same day service aren’t available for these. But on the plus side the feel and look of these is stunning. 

To get a quote please fill in the adjacent form, call us on 0114 275 4258 or email us print@221print.com.

We always welcome customers to come and visit us if you have any questions and the time to do so, but please call or email beforehand to make an appointment to avoid disappointment. We can talk you through the print process, offer design tips and we can even do the full design for you – but please leave a little extra time for this.

Hardbacked Memership cards  
  Number Cost Cost per piece
  50 £100.00 £2.00
  100 £128.00 £1.28
  150 £180.00 £1.20
  200 £224.00 £1.12
  250 £260.00 £1.04
  300 £294.00 £0.98
  350 £322.00 £0.92
  400 £350.00 £0.88
  450 £378.00 £0.84
  500 £410.00 £0.82

Costs are net and do not include VAT or delivery, but you can collect from our Sheffield Printing factory.

If we need to make a new die for the foiling on the cover, there will be a small charge of £45 + VAT. We will let you know about this before we start the job.

For more examples visit, http://www.carltonpress.com/membership_cards.php

You may have bought these through “Perkins of Nuneaton”,https://www.facebook.com/perkinsofnuneaton/?locale=en_GB, https://perkinsofnuneaton.godaddysites.com/ but we bought their equipment when they went into retirement.

Please call us on 0114 275 4258, email quotes@221print.com, or fill in the form below: