Duplicate / Triplicate NCR pads

Duplicate and Triplicate pads are otherwise knowns as NCR pads. They are used for making duplicates of hand written information. They are excellent for receipts, delivery notes, invoice sheets and other admin paperwork.

We use them for recording our print deliveries. They are great for recording extra work carried out on site, internal and external auditing and generally keeping a record of what you do. Your clients get a copy and you get a copy. We can also individually number the sets so they can be easily referenced.

We can print in full colour or black and white. We usually produce pads, glued at the top with a grey card back. We can also produce a printed wraparound cover. We can punch holes in them as required, to aid in filing.

We can also perforate some sheets and leave other sheets fixed, these are generally called NCR books

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