Printed Envelopes

We can individualise your marketing by printing a full colour envelope with your logo on the front. We can also help you gather information by printing black and white ‘postage paid’ envelopes. Envelopes are best printed one side.

They are sized slightly larger to compliment paper sizes. Each ‘A’ paper size has a corresponding ‘C’ size, so an A4 sheet fits inside a C4 envelope. Fold that A4 sheet in half and it will fit inside a C5 envelope.

The most common envelope sizes are C6, C5 and DL. A DL envelope will fit a compliment slip, or an A4 letter folded into thirds.

Remember to factor in postage costs when choosing envelopes. C4 envelopes cost more to post than smaller equivalents.

We can sometimes provide thes on a same day or next day service.

We have a range of envelopes that you can choose from, many of which are kept in stock. All are FSC accredited and we do have recycled paper in stock. These are usually available in an uncoated finish, we also obtain a range of colours for you to choose from.

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We always welcome customers to come and visit us if you have any questions and the time to do so, but please call or email beforehand to make an appointment to avoid disappointment. We can talk you through the print process, offer design tips and we can even do the full design for you – but please leave a little extra time for this.

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These products do not usually attract VAT, but may do so if the purpose of these is to gather information by returning them.

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