Why printing is still important in any city including Sheffield

compliment slips

There’s no doubt that in the eyes of many, print’s place in the marketing mix seems to be weakening; this may be true for printed directories, but in a cross-media society, print is the one media that can pull everything together. 

Many consumers complain of media overload and companies often lose their message in the maelstrom, but a print campaign in collaboration with digital media (interactive website, email marketing, even text messaging), is often the way forward, and forward looking printers like 221 Creative Printing are making the use of technology and using social media along with traditional methods of advertising: A well directed printing campaign can attract a lot of customers to your website.

After all, that is the true power of printing: it’s been a trusted form of media for hundreds of years, digital media is a relative (but powerful) newcomer. So, if you combine the traditional power of printing with the fantastic data collection strengths of your website and email campaigns, then you really do have a marketing vehicle that is 
hard to beat.

221 Creative Printing can help you with all of this.

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