How Digital Printing can save you money and the environment. Sheffield printers can help

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With the shift towards more direct marketing, using new and better sources of pertinent data, rather than the old fashioned blanket marketing where you spread your net as wide as possible (and print thousands of leaflets – wasting paper and money!), you can now direct your advertising to the people that you want to.

It takes a bit more time and effort on your part, but that will not only save you money on printing and postage costs, it will also save you time in the long run. The great thing is that you just need to decide who you want to target; then use variable data to print names and address on individualised leaflets or brochures.
Martin Hayward, author and former director of strategy and futures at dunnhumby UK, says that “new and plentiful data and insight” has transformed the timescale and analysis of marketing communications “to the extent that in reality, all marketing is becoming direct marketing”.

He continues: “Direct marketing has always been seen as the rather unglamorous tactical cousin of the real business of marketing, but the reality today is that all marketers will now need to embrace the targeting, measurement and rapid response skills pioneered in this discipline.”

Hayward adds that the shift could lead to marketing budgets shrinking as efficiency improves and waste is reduced. You don’t need to spend a fortune to contact the people that you want to. For more information call Haydn at 221 Creative Printing on 0114 275 4258, email 221 Creative Printing, or visit 221 Creative Printing

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