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Folded leaflets, mini brochures; colour printed advertising

For just a few pounds more you can turn a colour leaflet into a mini brochure; it's a great way of dividing up advertising information.

It doesn't matter whether you are selling energy saving products, childrens recreational services or take away meals, colour folded leaflets are a very effective marketing tool. They can also be posted very easily, for the lower rate of postage, saving you money every time!

Folded leaflets can be folded once or twice, and printed on any thickness of paper; a great way of producing sales and marketing information!

With our sheffield printing service you don't have to have thousands for it to be competitive either.

Folded leaflets
What size leaflet do you want:
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Do you want double or single sided?:
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We may not always be able to provide colour folded leaflets on our same day colour printing service.