Interactive printing in Sheffield (QR Codes)

Have you ever seen one of these funny square boxes on printing materials ? Gig posters / brochures / menus / business cards ? The new QR code will shortly replace old fashioned bar codes and enable you to advertise your contact details that are easily scannable with a smart phone. Now hands up who’s got a smart phone and wants to easily record info ? Not everyone knows exactly what they are yet, but they will! Read this to find out more.

QR codes for all printing advertising
QR codes can be used in many ways; from packaging materials, business and identity cards, point of sale posters to advertising flyers. Qr codes are a great way of driving traffic easily to your website and you can also link them to adverts on YouTube,  Twitter and Facebook.

4 dimensional printing
Although QR codes are just little black and white pixels, they will add another dimension to any of your colour printing materials, they may in the future also allow you to reduce the size of all your printing by saving space; be  it on your advertising leaflet, the brochure you leave at a meeting, the business cards your give out or large format posters, people read in traffic jams.

QR codes as an advertising teaser
You can get someone interested with a “coded” brief statement, then drive curious people to your website at the click of a button, or encourage them to pick up a leaflet to get more info.

QR codes at 221 creative printing
We are happy to generate one for you for free, all your customer needs is a device that’s capable of reading them. For iphones you can download the NeoReader app, for Androids download QR Droid from the marketplace.

As well as scanning the QR code within this article, you can also email us for more details or follow the links on our home page to find more about what we do.

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